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Konstanzer Puppenbühne
Irmi Wette

Free performance with supporting program for children and adults. Pfoten weg! Is a project for prevention of sexual assault. A puppet show play that reinforces children to fight back against the unpleasant approach of a person and to say „No“.

At Katzens, a visit is coming up soon, a pleasant change, one should think. However, uncle Burschi and aunt Herzi belong to those contemporaries who should better be avoided. The kittens Salome, Tom and Lotte at least do not feel at ease with the idea of having to endure octopus-like hugs and wet, sloppy kisses once more. With the advice of their friends hedgehog, hare and boar – and not least with the help of the wonderful cat-fairy – they learn how to become strong and fight back.

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Jürgen Rossegger Sponsoring Irmi Wette Konstanzer Puppenbühne

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